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Produced, engineer and mixed by Ronch (Ron Chenier)

Auntie Kate (Album Live Blues On Whyte)
Alberta Government (Commercials)

Bobby Cameron (demo album)
Brian Elwood (demo)
Billy Joe Green (demo)
Better Left Unsaid (Album)

Cool Blue Method (Demo)
Capital Savings Bank (Commercials)

Dwona Hill (Album)
Dead Man's Train (Album Title. Dead Man"s Train)
Deciples Of Power (Albums, #1 Mechankill, #2 Ominus Prophecy)
Duane Steele (Album Mix I'll Be Alright)

Epcor (Commercials)
Endorphan (Album, Global Warning)
Endtrain (demo)

Face First (demo)
FEAST (Album Mix Feast)
Feeding Francis (Album, Friendly Contact with Children)
FIST Albums
    Round One
    Hot Spikes
    Fleet Street
    In The Red
    Danger Zone
    In Your Face
    Reign of Terror
    Loud Loud Loud
    Fist Compilation

Gord Steinke (Album #1, Something Wrong, #2 Hidden Agenda)
GX 94 Yorkton (Two Song CD)

House Of Pain (Album Live Blues On Whyte)
Harpdog Brown (Album, Live Blues On Whyte)

Joe Rockhead (Album Mix Whatcha Lookin At)
Johnny V (Album Live Blues On Whyte)

King Ring Nancy (Album) 2000
Kristi Johnson (Album Live Blues On Whyte)

Lisa Hewitt (demo)
Louis Sedmak (demo's)
Laura Vinson (demo)

Monair (demo)
Matt Minglewood (demo)
Mike Plume (demo)

Poverty Plainsman (Album Mix)
Paridise Motel (Album Paridise Motel)
Plumb Compilation 2000 (Album of 16 Edmonton Bands)

Rusty Reed (Album Rusty Reed)
Robert Walsh (demo)

Stereotype Music (Album Western and Country Compilation)
Soundscapes (Commercials)

The Hootin Annies (demo)
The Horses Mouth (Album)
Tacoy Ryde (single)
The Trucks (Album title The Trucks)
Telus (Commercials)

VOCE (Album tile VOCE)
Wendell Donovan (Album, A Horse Of A Different Colour)


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